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Chakra: my new distro of choice.

April 5, 2009

I’m the type of guy who goes distro-shopping every now and then, but usually ends up with the distro I came from. I’ve been using kubuntu since hoary (5.04) and have been quite pleased. However, last year with KDE 4, I’ve grown a bit frustrated with kubuntu. Packaging has certainly been improved over the course of last year, but still there are quite some little problems I encounter now and then and somehow it’s starting to feel more and more draining on my systems resources. Plus I’m starting to dislike the 6 month release cycle, and rather always stay up to date.
I’ve tried a number of different distros but I’ve never really encountered my ‘dream distro’. There were always some things I didn’t like: slow package manager, hard to use package manager, capable of breaking my system package manager, bloat, wrong choice of packages, broken multimedia stack, too different from debian without good documentation so I couldn’t get used to it… you get the idea…
And then, two days ago I suddenly came across Chakra. It’s basically Arch linux + kdemod, but then with a live cd and quick and easy installer. And it’s amazing. It absolutely FLIES. On avage it consumes about 150-250 MB less memory then my kubuntu installation (?!). Everything works very well out of the box. The kde packaging is very well done. The live cd environment is one of the most response i’ve ever encountered (and uses only 256 MB RAM). It has rolling releases, so it’s easy to always run the bleeding edge. And it’s package manager pacman is really fast and easy to use.
If you are still looking for that fast, robust and well packaged distro for KDE 4, I’d really advice you to give it a try. Even though it’s only alpha2 atm, it’s still the best KDE 4 distro I’ve encountered so far.