Remote Widgets have landed!

Just a quick message to tell that I’ve just merged my remote widgets branch for GSoC into trunk. There are still rough edges…. actually, quite a lot of them, considering it just went through a massive refactoring as a result of the API we held here at tokamak, but it builds, and basically works with plasmoidviewer. Dario Freddi really was of great help getting the refactoring done and getting things merged, and tomorrow we’ll be working on integrating his work on KAuth to make rules stored securely. Then I will hopefully also be able to squash some bugs, and port plasma-desktop to the new API as well.
I will blog more about it later, including some instructions on how to actually use this stuff, because the GUI in that department is somewhat lacking (say: mostly nonexistent at the moment), but, YEAH! it works.
So far this is an insanely productive Tokamak, in an incredibly beautifull surrounding (the mountains are amazing). Mario Fux has done an incredible job so far on hosting this event. Thanks for that.

Well, now I’m going to sleep, its almost 5:00 in the morning already, and I’ve been hacking on remote widgets for most of the time since this morning so… I’m kind of tired. Stay tuned….


3 Responses to “Remote Widgets have landed!”

  1. chrisM Says:

    i want the remote video widget 🙂 :p :>

  2. Indiva Says:

    So, are out-of-process plasmoids (on the same machine) planned based on this technology?

  3. rscheepmaker Says:

    @Indivia: No they aren’t. Remote widgets still run in process but act on remote data. So your dataengines and services can now run in a different process (even on a remote machine), but the widgets that visualize this data still run in process because they share the same canvas. The fact that the plasmoid package might first have been fetched from a remote location doesn’t really change that.

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