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GSoC remote widgets: first milestone.

June 23, 2009

I finally reached a significant point in my GSoC project. Since yesterday I can actually control amarok through a published nowplaying Plasma::Service from another machine! Not only that, messages are digitally signed and verified so we can be sure who tries to connect to the service, and tested agains a set of rules that define which machines are allowed to access which services. With just a little bit of work I can even ask the user interactively “<….> tries to connect to the nowplaying service. [Always Allow <…>] [Allow] [Deny]”, just by implementing an AuthorizationInterface that fires up a notification. If you’re the type of guy that that is interested in fresh API and would like to make it perfect, please join the api review on the plasma mailing list 🙂

The next thing that I’ll need to do now (besides fixing a very annoying random crash) is building a dataengine service on top of this. This will just be a Plasma::Service implementation that allows access to dataengines. Then implement a dataengine that uses this to access remote dataengines. And extending Applet to have dataEngine return a remote dataengine pointed at the correct location if stated so in it’s configuration.

Still enough work to do, and nothing very spectacular to show but with all basics in place now and working, I’m making good progress. This is a really interesting project. I love working with new technologies (I’m now actually the first user of Kevin Ottens still WIP but already pretty sweet QtJolie library, and JOLIE itself is also pretty hot). And the security aspects are very interesting as well. I’ll try to blog more often now the basics are in place and the very visible part of development is really just beginning. Stay tuned…