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Extender grouping and notification images

March 25, 2009

Last week I’ve spent some time on adding grouping support to extenders, and laid the foundation for grouping jobs in the plasma systemtray.

The grouping support for extenders is accomplished through the new ExtenderGroup class. ExtenderGroup is a subclass of ExtenderItem that adds an expand/collapse button to show or hide all ExtenderItems that belong to this group. You can add ExtenderItems to a group by calling setGroup on the items.

The grouping support for jobs currently uses this feature to show the total progress of all jobs. By expanding the group you can view all individual jobs. See this screenshot to see what this currently looks like:

Extemder grouping

The green arrow (we’ll need a better icon for that) hides the 2 jobs, keeping only the “2 running jobs” part. The nice thing about this is that by default you’ll only see this total progress when copying stuff, which doesn’t take up as much space as the detailed individual jobs. You can also notice the just added support for showing custom images in plasma styled notifications, which is used here to show a contact image. The oldschool passive popup notifications supported this, but the plasma notifications didn’t until now.

The handling of jobs in the systemtray could still use some more work (the layout of the individual jobs could still use some improvement, and maybe the global job progress should show a little bit more information), but you can see the direction we’re taking here.

Also notice the plasma theme that’s used here: Air, which will be the default for 4.3. The progressbars need some work (yes, you can see how far the bar has progressed if you look very good, and no, this isn’t very clear atm to say the least), but then again it’s still a work in progress. It’s starting to look very slick though.