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About bugs, notifications and Clean Blend.

December 12, 2008

Now that KDE 4.2 is in feature freeze, a whole lot of bugfixing and polishing is being done all over the place. Last week we crossed the 200 open bugs mark in place (atm of writing, there are 198 open plasma bugs) which means we’re doing pretty well. With beta 2 (to be released next week) a lot of new reports will no doubt enter bugzilla, but at the rate we’re closing those, I think 4.2 will be a quite stable release. Keep those reports coming!
It’s interesting to see how many bugs can only be reproduced on a select number of systems or under a very specific set of circumstances. Thanks to these bugs being reported I have still been able to close some of them, even though I couldn’t reproduce them myself. Which brings me to something I’ve noticed on for example the dot: people often don’t report bugs, because they think the bug is extremely obvious. Even if you think a bug you encounter is really obvious and think the devs are already aware of them, please still report them. There’s a good chance that this bug isn’t obvious to the devs at all. Or at least ask on IRC if the problem is known.

The job notifications in the systray have seen some love (they now also display transfer speed / processed amount / total amount for example) and I was able to fix a lot of extender related bugs that have been coming in since beta 1. However, the job widgets are still slightly less ‘advanced’ then the oldschool dialogs. You can’t tick a ‘keep open after finished’ dialog for example. Now they only stay 15 seconds to allow the user to at least see that they are finished.
If you miss this functionality there is a way to revert to the oldschool dialogs though. It’s not possible through the UI since that didn’t make it before the feature/string freezes, but you can disable them through ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletrc. The only thing you’ll need to do is to add the following to this file:


. The same thing can be done for normal notifications (kopete messages for example) with the ShowNotifications option. So people who don’t like the systray’s notifications (yet? we already have some nice plans for 4.3, like being able to detach to full blown windows, or have a ‘keep open after finished’ option) can at least disable them for now if they want.
You might also notice some not very useful jobs popping up every now and then (things like examining, moving files into tmp directory or stuff like that). Applications can hide their kio jobs using the KIO:HideProgressInfo flag, but that isn’t yet done everywhere in KDE where appropriate. So this is something that should be fixed in the apps creating those notifications not in plasma. Please report these problems to the correct application.

On another topic: Half-Left has made a new plasma theme called Clean Blend. It’s available in 3 different color schemes (a light, middle and dark one), though obsidian coast is not yet finished at the moment. I absolutely love it and since I don’t believe somebody has blogged about it yet, I thought I’d post a screenshot of it.

Clean Blend Theme

Clean Blend Theme


Some people asked where the theme can be found. At the moment it is in SVN playground: base/plasma/desktoptheme. If you like to see a fullscreen version of this screenshot, check I’m not sure why wordpress doesn’t let me make the image a link to the full version (or why it doesn’t do that automatically). If someone knows how to be able to do this, please let me know! You might even win a prize if you do… well, if a “thank you” falls under your definition of prize that is 😉

It’s not yet decided if this theme will become part of the default set of themes that come with 4.2, but even if it doesn’t, it will be provided to you through GetHotNewStuff.

Half-Left himself has also made a somewhat nicer screenshot of this theme: cleanblend

or go to for a full version.