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Just in time for the freeze: kuiserver integration in systemtray

November 18, 2008

With the feature freeze in about 20 minutes, I’m glad to be able to tell that I was able to merge the kuiserver applet into the systemtray just a couple of hours ago. It still has some smaller problems, and I haven’t had the time to test it very thourouly considering the time pressure to get it in. But we’ve got > 2 months of bugfixing and polishing ahead of us, so I’m not worried. A screen shot of how it looks now:

kuiserver integration in the systray

It’s amazing to see how much new improvements there are in KDE 4.2. Not only in plasma (the size of the changelog is insane), but in all of KDE. The massive overhaul of kmail… The lovely file hover preview tooltips which are back in dolphin… The revised gui of the file open/save dialog… Lot’s of new features, polish, and performance improvements overall. I really can’t imagine going back to 3.5