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Extenders: now 400% more pretty.

October 28, 2008

I haven’t blogged in way too much time, sorry for that. This however doesn’t mean that I didn’t make any progression with extenders. You might have seen the screencast about extenders in the commit-digest of a couple of weeks ago. While not much features have been added since, I have applied quite some polish. Not only in the form of bugfixes, but also in the form of a fresh new look, designed by Pinheiro. Implementing the c++ part of this look wasn’t at all trivial, but since about a week it is available in trunk/. A little screenshot for those of you who don’t run trunk as their primary desktop.

now 400% more pretty.

Extenders: now 400% more pretty.

Shown is a couple of notifications by plasma’s new and improved systray, which got the extendified notification applet merged in. It is really great to see extenders being adopted by other developers and appearing in all kinds of applet. At the moment, extenders are used by libplasmaclock (which means all plasma clocks include a detachable calendar), system tray for notifications, kuiserver applet and battery applet. If everything goes according to plan, the kuiserver applet will also be merged into the system tray before 4.2. And all this is just the start, since 4.2 will be the first release to include extenders. These are exciting times! 🙂

I’m curious to see how other themes look with extenders, once the theme maintainers add the required svg’s for extenders: extender-dragger and extender-background. If you maintain a plasma theme and need some more info on the svg’s to include, don’t hesistate to ask me.