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Gone for the next two weeks

August 3, 2008

A quick post to let everybody know that I’ll be leaving for hungary tomorrow, and will be there for two weeks. (yes, unfortunately I’ll miss akademy) I’ve fixed some bugs to extenders and did some refactoring of kuiserver applet today, and except for not working yet with popupapplet, the extender api should, should be ready for use. You can take a look at the kuiserver applet in playground as a good example of how to use extenders. I won’t be around to answer questions the following two weeks, but I might check my email in an internet cafe at some point, so you can always try mailing me with your extender related questions. After the 18th, I’ll be available again, and will work on writing a techbase article about extenders and how to use them in your applets.

Oh, and the kuiserver engine now provides a Plasma::Service for controlling jobs. 🙂


Extenders have landed

August 2, 2008

Just a small post to let you know that extenders are now present in trunk/. Past week we’ve had quite an api review on the plasma-devel mailing list, and the extender api has improved a lot. A big thanks to everybody participating in that review!
Making changes to the new api was quite a task, but most of the stuff seems to work quite decent now. There are of course some rough edges and some known bugs, but they basically work. I’m looking forward to seeing what others do with this api. 🙂

I’ve also committed the first extender using applet in playground: the kuiserver applet (and of course dataengine). It’s unfortunately not usable anymore in a panel, but I’m working on that. The idea is to use the quite new popupapplet class which is a basic applet that switches between an icon which opens a popup showing a widget when in a panel, and just showing the widget when on the desktop. If you wish to try the kuiserver applet, you’ll currently have to patch kdelibs to register kio jobs to kuiserver instead of using the dialog based job tracker. This 1 line patch can be found in the kuiserver engine directory in playground. Eventually we’ll be working on a way to automagically fall back to the old dialogs when kuiserver isn’t present.