Quick screenshot

I’ll blog some more about the extender progress tomorrow, but in the meantime, here’s a screenshot showing some of the progress. For your viewing pleasure:

Kuiserver screenshot

Kuiserver screenshot

Credit to pinheiro for his great extender dragger design. 🙂


24 Responses to “Quick screenshot”

  1. mutlu Says:

    Wow! This is amazing! One of the things I am looking forward to most in KDE.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Kitsune Says:

    Looks *very* nice! Can’t wait to have it on my desktop 😛

  3. Augusto Says:

    Is it on SVN? I compile KDE from trunk and would love to see those in my desktop.

  4. Luciano Says:

    This is just awesome.
    Have I tell you guys that you rock? 😉

  5. kwilliam Says:

    No way! Extenders are actually going to happen?! I’m salivating!

    The actual look you’ve got there could be improved – I think it’s got too many borders and takes more space than necessary – but if you’ve actually got a plasmoid that magically shows all KJobs, like copying files, downloading, and printing, that’s flipping sweet! (Death to all the little dialog boxes! Mwahahahaha!)

    I better take something to calm down so I don’t up all night, I’m so excited!

  6. Bob Says:

    KUIServer should be merged with KGet (or rather, KGet should exapnd its focus to include uploads as well). In either case, having both is redundant and a waste of memory for the user.

  7. parena Says:

    4.1 isn’t out yet and I’m craving for 4.2 already. 😀 Maybe, when this is finished, it will be backported to openSUSE’s 4.1. Wishful thinking… Anyway, great stuff, I’m looking forward to have all my events work like this (kopete notifications, downloads, etc).

  8. Wonderland Says:

    What’s kuiserver? Will it show other progress bars such as Kopete file transfers, K3B cd burns or KGet downloads?

  9. Fri13 Says:

    I hope that progress bar can be changed to normal look what is used by KDE4 theme.
    Because I just dont like at all those MS kind progress bars (with bars).

    But that IS great looking 🙂

  10. BogDan Says:

    Where is the kode ?

  11. rscheepmaker Says:

    @Augusto, @BogDan: at the moment it’s not yet on svn but in a git branch. I’ll be doing an api review this week, and when that’s done, I’ll merge it into svn. If you feel adventurous you can try the git branch: git://gitorious.org/plasma-extenders/mainline.git . Be warned that that branch is still based on beta1 though.

    @kwilliam: the margins are still a bit large, I agree. I will look into that. I personally like the current drag handle, but if you don’t: it’s themable like everything in plasma, so you don’t have to worry: you can always change the look.

    @Bob, @Wonderland: actually, kuiserver, as opposed to kget, doesn’t actually do file transfers, it only shows them. To be more precise kuiserver is capable of showing any kjob, which could be anything: download within kget, burning a cd with k3d, checking email… anything that takes a while. Atm, the only thing that registers jobs to the kuiserver is kio, but other apps could easily use it.

  12. rscheepmaker Says:

    @Fri13: the progress bars are currently the same ones as the hard disk space monitor applet, because I just needed one. I also think those bars are a bit weird for showing progress but that’ll most likely change. But even so: off course everything is themable so you can always choose a look you like.

  13. Kuiserver: le bozze prendono forma! « pollycoke :) Says:

    […] più informati avranno subito capito di che si tratta, gli altri corrano ad aggiornarsi leggendo “KDE4 avrà il task manager! …ok “meno una” […]

  14. Dareus Says:

    No other words, just…

    Great job!

    We all were looking forward to see this!

  15. Murdock Says:

    GReat! I love it, thanks! And we really need to develop kuiserver because it’s a killer-app. Let’see if I can help improving it with my my $0.02:

    -App icons should be larger, it’s important to get immediately what the progress is about (a dvd-recording, a download, a cd rip)

    -scroll bars are a bit too large, i suggest half height but keeping the same space (with padding over and below)

    -finished tasks don’t need pause or stop buttons

    -it would be nice to group tasks by application and have expand/collapse buttons

    Keep on!

  16. rscheepmaker Says:

    @Murdock: thanks for the feedback… I’ll try to address the points you make.
    -app icons: the problem is, that that would (obviously) make the detachable widgets take up more space. But, as is most of the stuff in plasma, it’s themable, So themes can decide how much they value screen real estate vs. having easier to spot icons. Might be interesting to try a couple of different sizes.

    -scroll bars: I assume you mean the progress bars? I agree.. That design is most probably still going to change.

    -finished tasks don’t need pause or stop buttons: you’re right… I’m actually going to fix that right now 🙂

    -grouping: some form of grouping would certainly be interesting. I’ll give it some thought .

  17. DanaKil Says:

    Hi, and thank your for your work 🙂

    “-finished tasks don’t need pause or stop buttons: you’re right… I’m actually going to fix that right now :)”

    –> maybe these buttons could be replaced with others standart actions. If apps that register with kuiserver could define their own actions, it would be cool too (but don’t know if this is feasible)

    Ex :
    – for a K3b finished burn -> show K3B or quit
    – for a downloaded file : open the destination directory or open the file
    – for an archive : extract or open
    – for an ISO file : run a checksum

  18. rscheepmaker Says:

    @DanaKil: Good idea. Something like that would indeed be great. That’ll need some additions to the kuiserver dbus interface, and the kuiserver job tracker, but it might be worth investigating. It’s currently not on top of my priority list, but I’ll definitely put it on my todo list.

  19. Andre Says:

    Awsome work! Thanks. I am looking forward to seeing this in action.

  20. pio dalcin Says:

    great work thanks

  21. Klaatu Says:

    I’ve been waiting months for something this simple-but-elegant. It looks great!

  22. Murdock Says:

    rscheepmaker keep us informed.

    yes I meant progress bars, not scrollbars :#)

    I think some kind of grouping is essential. Think to kmail checking for new mail. I have 5 accounts to check, and there’s no need to show each time 5 rows in kuiserver. Kmail already do this in the status bar, you can see the whole progress, or, clicking on the row, each task. This should introduce a new parameter to pass with dbus, the weight. If I have 2 downloads, one of 1MB and one of 100MB the weights in the whole process are different, so the progress should be not an arithmetic median of the percentages, but a weighted median.
    (I hope my english is understandable)

    Keep us informed, I’ll visit your blog often to get some news! 🙂

  23. Murdock Says:

    i wrote “keep us informed twice”… i’m so excited that i don’t check what i write! 😀

  24. kwilliam Says:

    Lol, I’m STILL excited! My web browser restores all previously open tabs when I start it, and I have yet to close this tab!

    ♪ I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it! I know, I know, I know, I know, I want [that little progessbar plasmoid] ♫

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